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Our Specialties

Allergy Clinic

Aschinberg Pediatrics offers the most child friendly allergy testing and treatments currently available.

We offer allergy drops instead
of allergy shots

If your child suffers from allergies and you would like a consultation with our allergy clinic, please call 815.729.0521

Patient Center Medical Home

Aschinberg Pediatrics is proud to be a patient centered medical home. As a patient centered medical home we are dedicated to coordinating your child's care across all medical settings (specialties, hospitals, and other facilities) including behavioral and mental health. In order to be more effective in our role, we would hope that you would always inform us of any changes in your child's medical condition or care that you have obtained outside the practice. We believe that by partnering with you and maintaining a high level of communicaiton we can best serve your family and care for your child.

Serving Your Family